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Welcome to the Library!
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Classroom library visits start the week of August 22. Each class will visit the library once a week. Classes spend 25 to  35 minutes in the library. During that time, they are read to and  are taught some of the many library skills.  Students will check out books or pick up books they have placed holds on. We are happy to have over 12,000 books to choose from!

What else?

Starting in January, the California Young Reader Medal books are shared. In March the children get to vote for their favorite.

In February we have “I love reading week”. There will be fun activities shared all week.

This year we will have a Scholastic Book Fair. We have not had a Book Fair for over two years!  This is held in the library. The book fairs are the primary fundraisers to purchase new books for the library. It is a favorite time for students to buy books of their own along with bookmarks, pencils and other creative school supplies.